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Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures all over the world today. It is just right that plastic surgeons develop and improve some of the surgical methods to deliver better results. One of these innovations is the dual plane breast augmentation. Let us discuss how this method differs from other breast implant placement methods, and find out if this approach would better suit your need and situation.

What are the different breast implant placement methods?

There are two types: The above the muscle or subglandular, and the under the muscle or subpectoral methods. As the names suggest, the breast implants are placed either over or under the chest muscles called the pectoralis major muscles.

What is dual plane breast augmentation?

Since subglandular and subpectoral breast implant placement methods pose its own benefits and disadvantages, plastic surgeons tried to combine both approaches and came up with the dual plane breast augmentation. This method allows the top part of your breast implants to be placed under the muscle while allowing the bottom portion to be over the muscle. The combination makes the breast augmentation result look more natural and fuller.


How is the dual plane breast augmentation performed?

The process of performing dual plane breast augmentation is almost the same as the subpectoral approach. The plastic surgeon creates a chest pocket under the pectoralis major muscle for the placement of the breast implant. The surgeon will then separate a portion where the breast tissue connects to the upper part of the muscle which leaves a partition on two planes: above the muscle, and below the muscle.

Is the dual plane breast augmentation the best approach for me?

The development of dual plane breast augmentation gears toward solving women’s breast ptosis, or what is commonly called drooping breasts. Having tuberous breasts, or a condition where the areola is directly pointing downward, making its distance to your breast crease smaller, can also be solved with this method. This approach gives your sagging or drooping breasts a ‘lifted’ look since part of the breast implant is not covered by the muscle. If you want your breasts to have a more natural and fuller lower curve, then dual plane breast augmentation is the option for you.


After understanding the difference and the benefits dual plane breast augmentation may give you, it is still best to have your breasts checked by an expert plastic surgeon. There are different types of breast deformities present today that would need different breast augmentation methods as well. It is in the expertise of your chosen plastic surgeon to determine what kind of breast deformity or problem you may have, and what appropriate breast augmentation method could address your concern and need.

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