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There are so many plastic surgery procedures that cater to all patient’s needs and desires. It is so famous now that it is so hard to remember that cosmetic surgery was once a taboo or an unwelcomed topic in the name of beauty. With the increasing demand and complicated expectations from surgical techniques and approaches, the merge of breast lift and augmentation surfaced. What is this combination and will this innovation suit you and your needs? Let us all find out.



Breast lift and augmentation: What are these?

Breast lift, or mastopexy, is the surgical procedure that removes excess skin on the breast to reduce its sagging. This procedure can tighten and ‘lift’ the look of your breasts to reshape and make it look youthful.

Breast augmentation surgery, on the other hand, increases the breast size and volume using either breast implants or your own body fat. This is where women with smaller breasts get to enjoy bigger and fuller breasts.


Breast lift and augmentation: Why combine these procedures?

Each cosmetic surgery procedure has its ups and downs, its benefits should somehow overlook its limitations. So with breast enhancement surgeries, it is no surprise that they also have their pros and cons.

A breast lift can remove the sagginess of your breasts, but it cannot increase their volume. You may have perky breasts, but chances are, they are smaller than your pre-surgery breasts since the surgeon will remove excess skin around them. Meanwhile, breast augmentation may increase the volume and improve the shape of your breasts. But if you have pendulous of drooping breasts, having breast augmentation won’t answer that. In fact, it may worsen the sagging since the weight of your breasts would increase postsurgery. That is why plastic surgeons who offer breast enhancement surgeries would recommend that you combine them so you can get the benefits of these two breast surgeries in one procedure.


Breast lift and augmentation: The benefits and limitations

The advantages of having this breast enhancement combination are obvious – since the scope of enhancement is bigger than doing them separately, the benefits of both surgery can be achieved using one surgery. The downtime is shorter compared to doing breast augmentation or mastopexy alone. Your exposure to anaesthesia and its side effects are also lower since the anaesthesia dose and frequency is only for one combined procedure. And more importantly, the final results that you will have are expected to be better than having these two surgeries independently. You can anticipate fuller, more youthful, and natural-looking breast enhancement after 3-4 months’ time post-surgery.

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